My colonial revival house from Whimsett Cove has been uploaded to Sims 3 Musketeers (at the request of an anon). See the link below for more info, pics, and the download links!

The Somerset @ Sims 3 Musketeers


As much as I loved Evansdale County, it made my game glitchy & laggy.

So I moved P+M to my re-vamped Sunset Valley save. I’m actually not mad about this 8-)

your sunset valley save looks marvelous!

Sims 3 Musketeers 2.0 ›


I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined up with my dear friends WebbyMom and Deelightful to be a part of the new Sims 3 Musketeers site! We’re excited to share our creations with you, so stop on by. :) We have community lots, residential lots, and wall hangings, with much more to come! 


I come bearing gifts! I was playing around with patterns I found around the web on this lovely chair by awesims. I’ll probably post some more throughout the weekend, but for now… Enjoy! ♥


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» Sim Download - Elyssa Bee

I made this sim the other night and I just had to put her up for download! :D More photos here.

Everyday outfit is being shown. All other outfits are set at random.

Custom Content
I use BRNTWAFFLES ‘BLUEBERRY PIE’ as my default skin and SIMTZU’S ‘SHADOW’S OF YOU’ as my default eyes. All other custom content is provided in the download.

I used a few sliders on her, such as height, lip, and waist. You can browse which sliders I use in my sliders folder HERE. Sliders are not provided in the download.

» Download

Elyssa Bee: [ MEDIAFIRE ] [ BOX ]

Please tag ‘shanni-bo-banni’ or ‘shannibobanni’ if you use her! I’d love to see her in your pictures. Enjoy and happy simming! :D

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Current status on the city!

Most lots that I planned to build on are filled up, though many are still very much in process.
I’d really like to at least get the beta out soon :)

cannot wait!


Sensible Starters | Part One

These lots are all starters—as in, less than $16,500 furnished. I prefer my starters to be big on space and short on furnishings, so I don’t have to move my Sims as soon as their household starts growing. So these are all very sparsely furnished, with everything you need to keep your Sims motives up and nothing more. 

All lots use the following custom content; the roof specific to each lot is listed separately under the details (no CC included in the download):

The Everill

The Sherman

The Mayes

  • 20x20 lot
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • $16,316 | $15,026

  • Blue roof 4 by tammy_trauma

The Fairchild





Flower Field Accessory by Ersel

Аccessory (Socks)

Gender: Female|Male

Age: Teen/Young Adult/Adult/Elder

Category: Everyday/Formal/Sleepwear/Swimwear/Athletic/Outerwear

Format: Sims3pack

Available for AWT hat sliders!

ATTENTION!!! Don’t wear with other accessory! It becomes unclear!

Download YADI.SK or 4SHARED. COM


omg gorgeous! <333333 Thank you!


Maemi’s Cottage

  • 20x20 lot
  • $33,217 | $24,801
  • 1 bd/1 ba

Built for maemi-sims. She gave me this houseplan and said she envisioned a “modern Scandinavian” interior. I thought it would make a nice cottage and took a shot at the interior, though I wasn’t really sure what that style should look like. 

May use items from any/all EPs. Custom content used/pictured (nothing included in the download):


love all her homes



The Elmdale Collection - A set of 9 houses

These are most houses I had built for my Elmdale save. All of them are rather middle-class homes and built in a similiar style that combines contemporary facilities with traditional exteriors.

I did use some CC as I originally did not plan to upload these homes but it shouldn’t be too much and everything that is required is included in the files.

On the pages that are listed below you can check the required EPs and the lot information.

Please tell me if you encounter any problems. Other than that: Enjoy!

The Avalon > DOWNLOAD
The Morrison > DOWNLOAD
The Wilmore > DOWNLOAD
The Brocton > DOWNLOAD
The Newhaven > DOWNLOAD
The Vermont > DOWNLOAD
The Merill > DOWNLOAD
The Grayson > DOWNLOAD
The Collingwood > DOWNLOAD

You can also download all of them combined right here > DOWNLOAD

Lovely work from one of my favorite builders :)